Club Tournament 2013

The club tournament took place on the 13th May 2013. 9 ladies and 11 men battled it out in two groups, Andy and Martin drew the short straw as there weren't enough ladies. The top two of each group headed into the semis.

The teams were ...

Group 1

  • Marie and Chris
  • Jacqui and Matt
  • Kayleigh and Stan
  • Diana and Craig
  • Jeanette and Richard

Group 2

  • Sarah and Graeme
  • Lindsey and Dennis
  • Glen and Doug
  • Hannah and Ray
  • Andy and Martin

In group one Kayleigh and Stan took top spot with Jeanette and Richard narrowly getting second place by a couple of points. Group two saw Glen and Doug win followed by Sarah and Graeme.

In the semi finals Kayleigh and Stan beat Sarah and Graeme. Jeanette and Richard beat Glen and Doug in a trilling three ender that went down to the wire.

And so to the final, the rematch from the group stage between Kayleigh and Stan and Jeanette and Richard. Jeanette and Richard weren't able to change the result however as Kayleigh and Stan again proved too strong as they won in two ends.

Many thanks to Graeme for running the tournament on the night and to the committee, especially Jim, for organising the event.