These are the rules of the club.

1. The club will hold the Annual General Meeting during the month of April.

2. The club will elect the committee at the AGM,consisting of the elected officers (chairman,secretary and treasurer)and 4 other members, 2 ladies & 2 men,elected by the club members.

3. A tournament sub-committee of 3 will be elected each year to deal with all aspects of tournament entries.

4. The officers & committee members to be elected on an annual basis. Committee members will be entitled to stand for a maximum of 2 years before having to retire.Elected officers & committee members will be proposed before the AGM. If not enough proposals are recieved before the AGM then members attending the AGM can be proposed at the meeting.

5. The chairman will call committee meeting as & when deemed necessary.

6. A quorum of at least 5 members must be present at any meeting before any decisions may be made.

7. The committee will be responsible for ALL decisions to be made during the year.

8. At all meetings decisions will be carried by the majority.The chairman will have a casting vote.

9. All members to accept decisions made by the committee.

10. Any members who feels they have a grievance must put their complaint in writing to the committee.

11. Membership of the club is at the discretion of the committee.

12. The committee reserves the right to revoke for unsportmanlike conduct.

13. The financial year of the club will end as at 31st march.The accounts will be overseen by an independent person.

14. Subscriptions will be set at the AGM.Subscription to be paid by the end of October or a penalty will be incurred.Subscriptions must be paid before a member will be eligible to play any league matches.Subscriptions will be charged pro-rata for new members joining on or after 1st January.

15. Match fees will be set by 1st September for the following season.

16. Visitors fees will be set at each AGM for the following summer & winter season.In the winter visitors will be allowed to attend only 6 club nights,after which they must pay subscription & become a member to be able to continue attending.In the summer visitors fees should be set at a higher rate but there would be no limit to the number of club nights attended.The first night for a new person not affiliated to any other club would be FREE.

17. Feather shuttles will be used at all times.